“It is beneath human dignity to lose individuality and become a mere cog in the machine.”


the Tower by Nigel Jones

I’m nearly finished reading this well-researched, dry-humored nonfiction work about the notorious Tower of London. There is such a torrent of names, titles and battles, from Hastings in 1066 to World War II, that I knew there was no way I’d keep them all straight. I just let go and marvelled at the imaginative, grisly forms of torture and execution down the centuries in and around the Tower. It was a royal residence for centuries, but I think the splendor is forever tarnished in most minds by all the noggins that rolled downhill. How can the Crown jewels compete with the likes of a traitor’s entrails being wound on a roller while the doomed man watches? When a plotter named Blount was enduring this very treatment back in 1400, he was asked if he wanted a drink. He replied “No for I should not know where to put it.” At what moment was the bloody notoriety of English rule supplanted by refinement and slight, polite overbites?

Long story short, a meaty historical read.

Porn pondering

I marvel at how some pornos feature an ‘innocent’ girl being corrupted by 2 or more men of varying ethnicities. The pig-tailed, knee-socked virgin is meant to be a teen but has somehow found time to get multiple tats and body piercings, and her face looks 35 if she’s a day. I know I’m meant to use these films to fun up my sex life, not point out the glaring plot inconsistencies, but c’mon..


Now that I have your attention…is anyone out there a runner? I’m 43 and trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The finish time for my age bracket is 3:50 minutes. On average I finish around 4:20 (hey, 4:20!), and can’t seem to crack that. Any tips for speeding up? Should I eat more beef jerky?

“Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.” Dr. Seuss

N. Ireland-reason to visit #2

Bushmill’s Distillery is, check this, in the town of Bushmills, just up the road from Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. They’ve been licensed to make Irish whiskey, (‘uisce beatha’ in Gaelic) since 1608, but were likely distilling for centuries before that. The buildings we toured misted with whiskey vapors, known as the ‘angel’s share.’ There were free samples in the bar afterwards, but being a lily-livered girl I couldn’t even sip it. STRONG stuff, and smooth for being distilled ‘tree times’ as per our tour guide.

America is kind of like the stomping 3-year-old child of the world. We’re such a young country (the non-Native contingent at least) that our old crap isnt nearly as old as other nations’ new crap.

Is it wrong not to let cars bearing Romney/Ryan stickers merge into my lane of traffic?