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“4 Yorkshiremen”

“4 Yorkshiremen”


It’s White City season!

As in, “Devil In the White City” by Erik Larson. HH Holmes, considered America’s first serial killer, beguiles both men and women in late 19th century Chicago in this nonfiction bestseller, published in 2003. Simultaneously, the city battles natural and bureaucratic elements to stage the monumental 1893 World’s Fair. The huge buildings built to house the expositions were painted all white, to hypnotic affect for the fair’s visitors and Chicago residents unhappily accustomed to the black filth of the rest of the city.

┬áLarson’s book has been sitting on my shelf for years; I finally dusted it off last week and am both riveted and repulsed. Funnily enough, Di Caprio is set to play HH Holmes in the movie based on the book, though the former may still be at the preproduction stage. “White City” is in the air I guess. I haven’t finished reading yet, but Holmes’ gruesome techniques and even his penmanship are said to dovetail Jack the Ripper’s. Ugh!