# 1 reason to visit Northern Ireland

I think the days of associating the words “Northern Ireland” with freckle-faced terrorists and Bloody Sunday have faded. It is and has been a safe, friendly, gorgeous location to visit for many years now.

That said, Giant’s Causeway is the shit! Way up on the northern Antrim coast is a series of interlocking hexagonal basalt columns as easy to traverse as any staircase. You may remember this wonder on the cover of “Houses of the Holy,” but alas, no crawling pastel cherubs abound at the actual site.

This is my first post. I’m also here to try out joke bits, since there are few open-mic venues for stand-up comedy, even in hip San Francisco. It’s been grim since the 80’s ended! Honest criticism is welcomed. I may also post a book review now and then, or ask a non-rhetorical question, like “Does washing your car make it run better?”


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